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Special rugs require special service. Whether you need rug repairing, cleaning, washing, or refurbishing Medallion can help. In addition to free pick-up and delivery, Medallion can help assess how to best preserve, clean, or wash your rug depending on the construction, age, materials, and condition. Rug cleaning and care requires more refinement and experience with age. Let Medallion be your secret to keeping your rug pristinely beautiful for generations.


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Safety precautions. No in-store appointment necessary.
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- Safety precautions. No in-store appointment necessary.

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How Our Service Works?

Wash Process Step 1

1 . Inspection

Wash Process Step 2

2 . Dust & Vacuum

Wash Process Step 3

3 . Hand Washing

Wash Process Step 4

4 . Controlled Dry

Wash Process Step 5

5 . Repair (If Applicable)

Wash Process Step 6

6 . Final Inspection

Wash Process Step 6

7 . Delivery & Installation

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Other Services


Area Rug Appraisals

To properly insure your collectible handmade area rugs, you will need to be able to provide your insurance company with up to date documentation. Medallion Rug Gallery enables each of our customers to receive free rug appraisals every three years to help you meet this requirement.

Rug Pad

Rug Pads for any Surface

If your area rugs have a tendency to move, we have the perfect solution. Simply contact us today to schedule a free custom installation of our invisible pads, and you will never need to worry about your handmade rugs moving again.


Yearly In-Home Area Rug Rotation

Rotating each of your handmade area rugs on a yearly basis will ensure that they receive even exposure to traffic, wear and light. To assist you with this process, we offer a free yearly rug rotation to all of our valued customers.


In-Home Consultation

Medallion Rug Gallery offers free in-home consultations to help you measure and select the appropriate rug size and style for your home or office, in addition to rug appraisals, rug pad installation and more. As an added bonus, we will also pick-up and return your rugs for free if they need to be cleaned, repaired or restored.

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