Ardabil 13x17

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Persian Ardabil (or Ardebil), not to be mistaken with the beautiful antique Ardabil on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum, are named for the city near the coast of the Caspian sea. Ardabil rugs often display the Herati (or Mahi) motif, with a diamond shaped medallion at the center and more small fish sprinkled throughout the design. Silk is often incorporated into the woolen pile which offers a luster and highlights specific parts of the designs. Modern-day Ardabil rugs have incorporated bolder geometric symmetrical patterns rather that the display of the traditional mahi.

This particular Arbadil incorporates the herati motif repeated throughout the rug, with far less ornate floral detail than often displayed in a Herati motif, and sprinkled with small birds. The neutral color palette of this particular rug merge both the nod toward minimalism in contemporary decor but upholds the beauty of the traditional artisanship making this rug as pleasing to any collector as those who stepped upon the sprawling palatial Arbadil displayed in museums.
Rug ID: 38333
color: Sand, Bark
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Country: Pakistan
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: None
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 13'3"x17'8"