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Persian Qum 9x13

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Also referred to as Qom rugs, the Persian Qum rug's namesake originates from a province approximately 100 km south of Tehran. Constructed of wool and silk, these luxurious rugs are not only known for their high-quality craftsmanship but continue to increase in value over time. Beauty that never ages and is a wise investment? A priceless value, as a true collector might say. Because these rugs can be smaller than other types of Persian rugs they are often displayed on walls or used as prayer rugs.

Persian wool and silk Qum rugs are heavily knotted and often feature tree of life and medallion motifs. This particular Qum displays a unique oval circular medallion motif ensconced in a curved diamond shape. Intricate floral patterns form other ornate asymmetrical patterns that resemble hearts. Considered some of the finest in Iranian craftsmanship, Qum rugs have a very high knot density and exquisitely vibrant coloring. This silk Qum is hand-knotted to ensure the quality and uniqueness stay true to the tradition.
Rug ID: 38252
color: Sand, Rose, Ivory, Scarlet
shape: Rectangle
Style: Medallion
Country: Persian
Material: Silk
Weave: Pile
Fringe: Silk
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 9'8"x13'6"
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