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Agra 9x18

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Rug weaving in Agra India dates back to the 16th century wherein Akbar the Great established his capital at Agra where his grandson eventually constructed the Taj Mahal. Although the rug weaving industry in Agra was limited, it produced beautiful antique rugs widely recognized for their artistry and exquisite craftsmanship. Antique and semi-antique Agra rugs are ranked as some of the finest of Oriental collector décor.

The beauty of Agra carpets is derived from the delicate combination of the grandeur of Persian antiques with modern motifs reflective of the artistic style of the region. The designs of spiraling vines are often combined with birds or elephants. In fact, the Agra master weavers were so artistically talented and detail oriented that Persian rug weavers adopted some of the motifs into their own rugs, including rows of flowers in vases.

Typically a more muted color palette, this distinctive Agra displays a bold, deep coloring. The dark navy backdrop is accentuated by floral arrangements of a muted color palette. The result is an explosion of flowers resembling fireworks in a night sky that seems to reflect more of their personality with each viewing.
Rug ID: 37700
color: Navy, Scarlet, Salmon, Blue, Ivory
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Country: India
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: None
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 9'9"x18'6"
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