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Persian Bakhtiari 13x18

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The tribespeople of the Zagros Mountains who are well known for their perilous annual mountain migrations may be better known in our part of the world for their lustrous, deep-toned tribal rugs. The Bakhtiar rugs display grand scale, cornucopian designs and a distinctive charm that represents the tribal strength and sincerity.

Although traditionally Bakhtiari wove only geometric designs later designs were also influenced by the floral carpets of the Persian cities. This gave combination of precise geometry with the curvature of the floral form gave rise to an innovative style. The oversize and palace-size antique Bakhtiari carpets once woven on commission by the great tribal khans are among the most highly regarded of the antique Bakhtiari rugs. Many Bakhtiari rugs display the central medallion design but the tribal weavers were also renowned for the garden compartment motif, usually organized in a series of square-shaped compartments, and much more rarely in a latticework of bell-shaped compartments.

This contemporary Bakhtiari is a stunning display of the garden compartment design (or paneled garden), which consists of square compartments filled with varying floral motifs. The vibrant color combinations emphasize the geometric details and make this Bakhtiari rug a collector's dream.
Rug ID: 37633
color: Rose, Navy, Pale Blue, Sapphire, Ivory, Scarlet, Rust, Gold
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Border Color: Rose
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: None
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 13'5"x18'7"
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