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Persian Kashan 11x16

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Hailing from a long line of refined antiques, the Kashan rug is one of the most prominent and recognizable Persian rugs. The reputation of the Kashan rug is one of the high standards, exquisite craftsmanship, and historical significance in the evolution of decorative weaving. Located in the area between current day Isfahan and Tehran, the Kashan of the Persian Empire was designated a thriving trading locale along the Silk Road leaving a legacy that has spanned centuries. Kashan rugs are hand-knotted from premium sheep’s wool in a dense knotting style which is appreciated both for its endurance and beauty. The longevity of the craftsmanship is noted by connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Often exhibiting rich scarlets, blues and neutral tones, the traditional Kashan patterns of floral ornaments and medallions are woven into the design. The diamond-shaped medallion motif ensconced in an oval enhances the intricate geometry of the floral pattern throughout. While any admirer will immediately be drawn to the bold patterns, a keen eye will fixate on the minute details of symmetrical repetition. The scarlet and navy tones hearken a rich, vibrant past while placing this rug firmly into the floorscape of the future.
Rug ID: 37253
color: Scarlet, Navy, Salmon, Light Blue
shape: Rectangle
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: None
Type: Handmade
Age: New Contemporary
Size: 11'10"x16'11"
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