Persian Bijar 7x24

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Often referred to as the ""Iron Rug of Iran,"" the Persian Bijar was woven predominantly by Kurds in the Gerus and Afsha areas of Iran. Known for their firm knotting, the weave of a Bijar rug can be so firmly compressed that it will remain vertical. Because the rugs are knotted with the traditional Turkish knot, dirt particles have less of a chance getting into the pile, resulting a longer lifespan.

OFten featuring the Herati or Mahi (fish) pattern, the Bijar motifs are very distinguishable from other Persian rugs. Despite alsoing being known for rich color combination, the most telling trait of the beautiful craftsmanship is the strength and durability. This particular runner Bijar displays a central arrowed shape, drawing the eyese to the center of the piece filled the intricately designed Herati motif.
Rug ID: 11616
color: Black, Scarlet, Gold, Navy, Ivory
shape: Rectangle
Style: Overall
Country: Persian
Material: Wool
Weave: Pile
Fringe: Cotton
Type: Handmade Knotted
Age: Antique
Size: 7'2"x24'0"