Winter Weather Protection: How to Keep Your Rug Safe this Winter

Winter weather can be beautiful. It can also be very messy. That is why you take extra precautions when you go outside during the winter. However, you also need to take measures to protect your interior design in the winter. As you go in and out of the home, you can drag in snow, ice, sand, salt and more. This can quickly damage your rugs and other flooring if you do not take proper precautions.

First, you can prevent a lot of problems by simply taking off your shoes. Your shoes should be designated for the outdoors. When you come inside, you can take your shoes off and leave them by the front door. This prevents winter muck from being dragged throughout the home. Be sure to ask others to remove their shoes as well. If you are worried about being cold, have slippers or slipper socks by the door to compensate.

Next, maintain a regular cleaning schedule in the winter. Make sure you vacuum each area rug at least once a week. If you have a lot of foot traffic in the home, you may need to vacuum your handmade area rug more than once a week. This will prevent sand, salt and other debris from accumulating and causing discoloration or odor.

If you do notice a spot on your rug, be sure to clean it immediately. Stains can set over time, which means that they can get harder to take out if you let them linger. Moreover, the discoloration can start to spread, and one small spot can quickly become a big problem.

Finally, invest in a new doormat each winter. It is not always possible to take off your shoes every time you go in and out of the house. Therefore, have a good quality doormat. This doormat can be used to wipe your shoes off each time you come inside, leaving most of the winter elements by the front door instead of throughout your home.

In addition to protecting your current rugs, you can also look into buying a new area rug for your winter interior design. You can find the handmade area rug of your dreams by shopping at the Medallion Rug Gallery right now.