Updating Your Living Room Rug? Remember These Five Tips

Rugs are a vital interior design element. While you may have an area rug in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and more, there is no place more important than the living room. The right living room rug can definitely set the tone of your home. Here are five tips to help you pick the right rug for your living room.



1. Color Matters.

When you are looking at a handmade area rug for your living room, you want to think about color. In some cases, you may pick a color that matches your current interior design. However, this is a time for change. Think about picking a new or contrasting color.

2. Size Properly.

Sizing your rugs matters. If you want a rug that covers the full space, then get the dimensions of your room. Your handmade area rug should be smaller than that by about a foot. If you are using rugs to accent furniture, then measure them to be just slightly bigger than the furniture.

3. Look for Patterns.

Also, think about patterns on your area rug. You can go beyond solid colors for your rug. Instead, look at rugs with geometric patterns or lines. For something a bit more striking, consider an area rug that tells a story. This is a living room rug. You can get pretty creative with your choice.

4. Prepare for Slipping.

Slipping is a problem for all rugs, but it is especially problematic on hard floors. If your living room has hard floors, make sure you take measures to keep your handmade area rug from slipping. Slipping can be dangerous to walk on, and it diminishes the appearance of your interior design.

5. Be Bold.

It can be tempting to choose an area rug that looks a lot like that one you are replacing. However, this is your chance to really give your interior design a boost. Your living room rug can define the entire space. Therefore, do not be afraid to pick something dramatic. You can find all the best options for a handmade area rug at the Medallion Rug Gallery.