Three Unexpected Places to Use Area Rugs

Most people use rugs in living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. However, a rug can be wonderful home decor in less expected locations. Just consider these three unexpected spots for a handmade area rug.

1. Kitchen. Kitchens are usually rooms with hard floors, which makes sense given how often spills occur. This is why some people may be hesitant to include a rug. However, just think about the advantages of using area rugs in the kitchen. When you are on your feet standing to cook, something soft beneath your feet is luxurious. Simply place area rugs strategically throughout the room to minimize spills.

2. Porch. A handmade area rug is a serious investment. It is understandable to want to keep it safe. A covered porch in a temperate climate can be much safer than you think. In fact, a sun room or four seasons porch poses little risk to your rug. When you use area rugs on a porch, you can make the space much more homey. It will stop feeling like an outdoor space and start functioning like a natural extension of your home.

3. Bathroom. Because bathrooms rely on water, you may not think about area rugs in these spaces. In some smaller bathrooms, a rug may be a bad choice due to issues with moisture. However, if your bathroom is big enough, you can separate your rugs from the shower or bath. In this manner, your rugs become a part of your interior design. Most people use functional rugs that are boring in the bathroom. You can stand out when you select a handmade area rug.

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