The Ballsiest of Kitchen Rug Ideas?

When Joe and I moved into our new place, there were things we loved, and things we’d have to change. The natural light was incredible, but the space was missing the warmth and charm of buildings we had previously lived in, both built in the 1920s. The bright walls and high ceilings make our new space feel larger than it is, but modern furniture and graphic area rugs don’t bring the coziness needed to truly enjoy watching football on a Sunday afternoon.

So when I set out to make a series of changes to the place, adding a traditional rug was at the top of my list. As I scanned the small space, I decided that the kitchen, of all places, was the perfect spot for an area rug. Ballsy, considering how klutzy we both can be…

Kitchen Rug Ideas

Our kitchen has a clean, black and white look, with stainless steel appliances, and blond wood flooring. It’s very handsome, and very modern. There’s a mix of open and closed shelving, with Heath Ceramic dishes, and Weck jars bring some added warmth to the space. I also found that “S” hooks are perfect coffee mug holders, and adding a few plants and herbs to the shelves look really charming… also long as they’re kept alive!

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 11.18.11 AM

When it came to finding an area rug, we shopping around for rugs for a while. Most persian rugs were too busy, others were too bold in color. After weeks of sitting on a few finalists, we ultimately ended up going with this beauty. I love the amount of navy, and the geometric, but complex look of the design!

Kitchen Rug Ideas

The best part of adding a rug to the kitchen is how enjoyable it makes spending time in the space. Padding around the kitchen with a tactical, cozy area rug beneath our feet? Awesome. It’ll be even more enjoyable in the winter!

We have a long way to go with finishing the decor the space, and by the end of the year, you’ll be getting a full tour of our little abode. We can’t wait to share it with you!

If you’re interested in any of the pieces in our kitchen, you’ll find the links to the identical, or similar items here: Area Rug c/o Medallion / Planter / Mugs / Weck Jars / Kitchen Shelves / Stools / Wood Bowls / Heath Plate / Gold Cutlery / Wood Cutting Board / Sharon Montrose Piglet Print


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