Six Types of Area Rug Patterns and How They Work for Your Home

When selecting a new area rug, one of the most important factors to consider is the pattern. The pattern of your rug will define your interior design. Therefore, look carefully at the different pattern types to understand which one is best for your rug and your home.

1. Floral.

Floral patterns are classic and versatile. While you may think that floral rugs are always overtly feminine, this does not have to be the case. Most of the time, floral pieces add elegance and refinement to your interior design.

2. Striped.

For something a little more streamlined, stripes can be an excellent choice. Striped rugs can be muted or bold, and the stripes can be multicolored or alternating. In many cases, striped rugs tend to have a more modern edge.

3. Geometric.

Geometric patterns feature different shapes on the surface of the area rug. Most of the time, these patterns rely on squares or rectangles, but ovals, circles and other shapes may also be highlighted.

4. Solid.

If you want to keep things simple, a solid pattern is another route. These rugs feature a single color on the surface. You may want a solid surface if the rug is more textured. Solid patterns can also provide great backdrops for more elaborate interior design schemes.

5. Pictoral.

While modern rugs tend to be simple stylistically, handmade options have traditionally had more of an artistic flair. In fact, a lot of handmade area rugs are designed to tell a story. These rugs are real conversation starters, and they can be a dramatic addition to your home.
6. Medallion.
Finally, consider the medallion style for your next area rug. A medallion rug has a bold shape in the middle to serve as the focal point. This medallion is reflected around the rest of the piece. This traditional styling is bold and sophisticated.

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