Six Nontraditional Fall Decorating Ideas

When the leaves start to change, we all know what to expect. People start decorating with orange and pumpkins. If you are weary of the same fall interior design choices, do not worry. Here are six nontraditional fall decorating ideas that you should try this year.

1. Embrace metals. Metals are excellent fall fun features. Metals are earthy and natural, which easily associates them with the harvest. For the best results, look for warm metals like copper or brass. These metals have an orange undertone that makes them perfect fall accents.

2. Remember the harvest. Add fall to your interior design with harvest accents. Think beyond pumpkins. Instead, go with corn stalks, hay bales or fruit. The autumn is about the full scope of nature’s bounty, and you can use that for your decor.

3. Invest in rugs. Rugs are a great way to instantly transform your space. For fall, look for a rug that has the right colors and textures. While you can always rely on something traditional like orange, you can also look for an area rug in a different earth tone. Browns, reds and creams are great rug options.

4. Use your color wheel. Color is critical to your fall interior design. Orange is the stereotypical choice, but there are plenty of other autumn colors. Deep reds and purples are great examples. You can try hues like deep green and shades of brown. Even creams and whites work.

5. Paint your pumpkins. If you must go with pumpkins, then at least do something unexpected. Let your creative juices flow, and paint pumpkins this year. This is a whimsical and hand-made touch that will instantly enliven your home.

6. Try fresh foliage. Finally, let fall do the decorating this year. Bring in fresh fruit, artfully chosen branches or fall flowers. Fresh foliage exemplifies what autumn is really all about, and it can elevate your interior design.

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