Rugs of India: Black Mountain Looms

black mountain loomBlack Mountain Looms was a large commercial endeavor created by two renowned rug producers in India, Teddy Sumner and George Jevremovic. In fact, these two savvy businessmen and artists were the very first to create Oriental rugs on a wide-scale in India for strictly commercial purposes, no one before them had ever undertaken the task. These ultra high quality rugs were completely hand fabricated with all natural non-artificial dyes and local wool.

George Jevremovic was originally a rug producer specializing in Azeri rugs fabricated in Turkey. His rugs were made out of natural dyes and high quality local Turkish wool. George had developed quite a high profile by this point for the quality of rugs that he produced.

Teddy Sumner eventually looked into George’s methods, seeing that the rugs were exceptionally high quality, particularly the area rugs. After traveling to Turkey first-hand to check out the processes used by Jevremovic, Teddy Sumner eventually returned to India and mimicked the same natural dye and high quality wool production methods that he saw in Jevremovic’s work.

Eventually George Jevremovic and Teddy Sumner decided that they would be better served in combining their knowledge, and from there they created Black Mountain Looms, the first and largest natural dye rug producer in all of India.

Upon establishing Black Mountain Looms, both Sumner and Jevremovic began to experience severe challenges in teaching Indian rug makers their advanced production methods. They were able to find a handful of hand spinners who could figure out how to use exclusively natural materials, but it took a lot of time. Eventually, however, they were able to get the first wave of employees to figure out the production technique, and these employees eventually went on to train thousands of additional workers. From there the business started to rapidly grow. They became so prolific, that you couldn’t buy a handmade area rug in India without their brand on it.

Black Mountain Looms would eventually go on to start exporting their beautiful handmade rugs around the world, to countries like China, the United States, England, and many other places. The company would eventually be consolidated under Michaelian & Kohlberg Inc, which still produce the rugs using the same tried and true methods.

If you are ever able to buy a Black Mountain Looms rug, then it is generally recommended that you jump on the opportunity, as due to global demand, they can be somewhat scarce in many places.