Pantone Color of the Year 2019

Image credit: Pantone

If you are ready to embrace life in 2019, then the Pantone Color of the Year is here for you. Last year, Pantone added a touch of class with Ultra Violet. In 2017, Pantone infused energy into things with Greenery. The 2019 Color of the Year offers the best of both. This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral.

Living Coral is bold like Ultra Violet, but it has the life-affirming qualities of Greenery. This makes Living Coral a unique choice, easily offering a freshness that is hard to match. Unlike other coral hues, Living Coral has a golden undertone that softens the color. This means that Living Coral can be seamlessly incorporated into your interior design on wall art, curtains, area rugs and more.

The color is based on the underwater plant that anchors the oceanic ecosystem. Coral reefs are home to countless species of plants and animals. Your home can benefit from this color. With Living Coral, you will not merely give your interior design a facelift. Instead, you can set a new tone for your life.

There are many ways to incorporate Living Coral into your home. You could start with a complete reinvention of your space, using this color on the walls or on furniture. However, if you do not have the budget for a massive makeover, you can try incorporating Living Coral in more subtle ways. Consider adding in an accent piece. Maybe you can paint one wall with Living Coral. You could also purchase a new rug with Living Coral hues. Rugs are a great way to provide a dramatic new look without too many changes to your space.

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