Getting in Shape: Decorating with Rugs in Various Shapes

Decorating with Rugs in Various Shapes

When choosing a rug, be sure to look beyond its color and pattern. While these features are certainly significant, they are not the only factors that influence the way your new handmade area rug will look in your space. In order to plan comprehensively, consider area rugs based on their shape as well.

Rugs come in all sorts of shapes. This can include standard squares and rectangles. Some rectangles are sized for a larger area. However, other rectangles have more dramatic proportions and may be long and skinny. Alternatively, rugs are available in less traditional shapes. Some area rugs are circular or oval. With rounded edges, these pieces have a softer look in your interior design. Because rounded corners are less common, the look can also be quite memorable.

Picking the right shape for your rug can have implications for your interior design. For example, skinny rectangular rugs can be used to accentuate walkways or passages. Squares often work well under larger pieces of furniture like beds or tables. In some cases, you may pick rugs that mimic the shape of the room. A proportional match can be a good way to create full floor coverage in your space.

With a circular or oval rug, space must be considered in a different way. In order to create a dramatic look, the edges should not be covered. This allows the handmade area rug to be appreciated. As a result, it is not as common to use circular area rugs as a covering for the full room. Instead, they are better as accent pieces. In particular, circular or oval rugs can work well in the center of the room as a design element. Smaller variations may function as accents in entryways, bathrooms or bedsides. The unique shape can draw the eye in a way squared edges cannot.

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