Get Ready for Spring with Area Rugs


When spring approaches, you will want to erase the dark and dull feelings of winter, especially around your home. Fortunately, you do not have to embark on a full makeover. Incorporating area rugs into your interior design can bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Here are some ideas that will transform each room and will make the season feel fresh.

Choose a Floral Rug

Spring is the time of year when plants begin to bloom. While the outdoor environment is coming alive, it is possible to reignite life within your home as well. What better way to bring the season into your space than with floral area rugs? Find patterns that contain flowers or green tones that reflect nature. You do not have to just place a rug on the floor. If you find a piece with a beautiful design, hang it on the wall like a painting. This is sure to bring a fresh awakening to any room.

Think Texture

The fabrics that are used around your house influence the way that you feel. They reflect the season as well. Natural fabrics like hemp and jute bring feelings of spring and have neutral appearances that blend with most furniture and fixtures. The rougher materials add interest and appeal in your room. If possible, select rugs with texture. Do not be afraid to choose something different.

Color, Color, Color

As with floral patterns, bright colors evoke feelings of spring. When you want to brighten up a space, an area rug with vivid hues will do the trick. Adding a pop of color will bring personality to your home and will be a wonderful way to welcome spring.

If you are interested in any of the above ideas, be sure to visit Medallion Rug Gallery for all of your handmade area rug needs. Our wide selection of affordable offerings contains pieces of art that will fill your home and complement your existing decor.