Four Ways an Area Rug Can Set The Mood In Your Space

Are you looking for a romantic bedroom getaway? Do you want a formal sitting room? Maybe you want a cozy family retreat in the game room. No matter what mood you want to create with your interior design, your area rugs can help you get there. When shopping for an area rug to set the mood, here is what you need to remember.

1. Filling Out the Space.

If you really want a handmade area rug that defines your space, then start with size. For the biggest impact, you want the biggest size. Consider area rugs 8×10 or area rugs 10×14. Simply measure your space. Then, pick an area rug that is just slightly smaller. This will ensure that your area rug is big enough to be a defining feature in your room.

2. Colors that Count.

You can pick area rugs 8×10 or area rugs 10×14. However, if the color is not right, then even large rugs can become filler. Look for colors that contrast your current interior design. Alternatively, you could start with a whole new color scheme. That is the great thing about area rugs. They provide the color for one whole surface of your room.



3. Take Care of Texture.

Area rugs are not merely visual. Think carefully about texture. You want something that is soft to the touch. This will make the rug comfortable for family gatherings. This is why a handmade area rug is such a great choice. These rugs have superior fibers, which can give them the texture you crave.


4. Tell a Story.

You can also set the tone through different patterns. A bold geometric pattern gives your room a modern edge. Soft curves and traditional prints create a more classic flair. You can even pick an area rug that tells a story, which enhances the ambiance of any space.

The Medallion Rug Gallery has rugs of all sizes and styles. Find area rugs 8×10, and shop for area rugs of all colors and patterns. With so many options, you will find your perfect area rug today.