Four Reasons a Handmade Area Rug is Worth the Investment

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With intricate designs and plush fibers, a handmade area rug can be a significant asset to your interior design. However, these benefits come at a cost. Handmade rugs cost significantly more than standard area rugs. You may be tempted to cut corners with a cheaper rug, but here are four reasons why a handmade area rug is definitely worth the investment.

1. The Quality Is Better

Modern manufacturing allows rugs to be made cheaper and faster. It cannot make them better. Handmade area rugs are knotted or tufted by hand. This means that someone is finishing each fiber, tying it into place securely. In some cases, the fibers may even be dyed by hand. In all, this allows for the rug to have more integrity. You cannot get this kind of quality with a manufactured alternative.

2. The Look Is Intricate

In almost all cases, your handmade investment will simply look better. Because these rugs are made by hand, the patterns are absolutely exquisite. After all, handmade rugs are not produced in mass to be sold at a discount. Instead, these rugs are like a work of art. This is a far better investment for your interior design.

3. The Rug Will Last Longer

The quality is not just in the appearance. These area rugs are also made to last. Because of the hand crafting, the fibers are more secure and the colors are more true. This allows your rug to endure the test of time with a flourish. In this manner, you can look at your purchase in terms of the cost and benefit. These rugs may cost more upfront, but the longer lifespan pays the difference.

4. The Finish Is Unique

When area rugs are manufactured, the look and style is standardized. With handmade area rugs, each one is different. There is room for individualization. The person making the rug will put his or her own feeling into the piece. Even if the rug is made from a pattern, there will be small variations. Even small imperfections can bring depth to the piece.

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