Five Tips for Foyer Rugs

Foyers can be forgotten spaces in interior design. However, they can also be bold focal points that define your entire home. The foyer is where you welcome people into your home. You should probably make it welcoming! This can start with the right area rug.

1. Make it washable.

An area rug will always get walked on, but not all parts of your home see the same amount of foot traffic. Your foyer is the entry point to your home. Rugs in this area will get used frequently. More than that, they bear the brunt of grime from outside. Make sure your foyer rugs are washable!

2. Consider its function.

You should pick your foyer rug based on your purpose. An area rug in the foyer can be used for wiping your feet. Other rugs in this area may be to house shoes. Finally, you might have a decorative piece for the interior design. Understanding the function of your rug will help you pick the best one.

3. Look at size.

Do you want an area rug to fill the foyer? Are you craving a small welcome mat? Your rugs should match the size of your foyer. If you want to fill the whole foyer, keep the measurements a few inches smaller than the room dimensions. A foyer is also a great place for circular pieces.

4. Make a statement.

Your interior design should start the moment people walk into your house. This can be hard in foyers since they are inherently small spaces. Therefore, you need bold pieces to do the work for you. A colorful, dramatic area rug can set the tone.

5. Remember traction.

Most foyers have hard floors. This is great for wiping off your shoes. It can make it hard to keep a rug in place. Therefore, invest in traction solutions for your foyer rugs.

Think about these five tips when you shop for a foyer rug at the Medallion Rug Gallery. These rugs are all made by hand, and they will be perfect focal points to welcome people into your home.