Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Picking Out a New Rug

A new area rug is the perfect way to enliven your interior design. However, there are a lot of rugs on the market. Which one is right for you? As you prepare to buy a new rug, here are a few quick questions to ask.

1. What is the budget? Always start with the budget in mind. If you know how much money you have to spend on rugs, then you can plan your shopping accordingly. To work within your budget, consider the type of rug you choose. You can also limit your costs by looking for rugs that are a smaller size.

2. How much foot traffic will there be? You should think carefully about the wear and tear your area rug will be subjected to on a daily basis. Sometimes, a rug will look beautiful in your interior design, but if it cannot stand up to normal usage, then it may not be the right choice.

3. Will I sit on the rug? If you put your rugs in rooms where you sit on the floor, then take extra caution. You will want something that feels good when you sit down. Therefore, make sure that it is comfortable. Try plush fibers, or consider investing in additional padding.

4. Do you need to worry about food? An area rug will always be subjected to stains. However, if you are going to eat on your rug, then put extra thought into your selection. There are rugs that are more washable, and such options are going to be preferred in dining rooms, kitchens and recreational areas.

5. What is my interior design? Ultimately, your area rug is going to set the tone of your interior design. If you are incorporating the piece into an existing design, then pick one that provides complementary features. Otherwise, you can let the floor covering do the definition for you.

No matter how you ask these questions, the Medallion Rug Gallery has the answer. By browsing through the online showroom, you will find the best area rug for your home.