Feeling Blue? Try These Fresh Rug Colors  

Color is a powerful tool for your interior design. However, this is not just about creating a visually appealing space. Color also influences your mood. If you are feeling down or like life is in a rut, then maybe you need to add some fresh color to your space. You can start with a new area rug in a refreshing hue.

1. Refreshing red.

Red is the kind of color that really stands out. This bold color can be a great way to make a quick impact on your space. Red rugs quickly redefine your interior design, and they can be just the pick-me-up you need. Just look at the pop of red on this New Contemporary Persian Kerman rug. It is brilliant.


2. Bold blacks.

Most people are scared off by black, but it can be a great way to add drama to your interior design. Black is like an exclamation mark, and an area rug with black is going to be an excellent choice to transform your tired decor. The effect is very visible in this New Contemporary European piece. Rugs like this will really lift your spirits and break you out of any rut.


3. Gentle greens.

If things feel stressful, then a natural hue like green might be the best way to go. Green rugs are quite versatile. They go with a lot of established interior design styles while still standing out as something new. Green is the color of life, and a green area rug can make you feel enlivened once more. To see if the effect is right for your room, consider this Semi-antique Persian Kashan area rug.


4. Bountiful browns.

Some people think that browns are boring, but a brown rug can be just what you need to freshen your space. When you pick the right brown, it adds depth and comfort to your space. A brown area rug will have an earthy feel, which can have a real calming effect. To make your brown rug more distinctive, consider going with an interesting or intricate print. A great example can be seen with this New Contemporary Persian Mahal floor covering.

These colors are just the start. If you want to brighten your life and your interior design, then visit the Medallion Rug Gallery. This online showroom has the rugs you need to revitalize all parts of life.

Busy or Simple? How to Pick a Pattern for Your Rug

Some rugs are a solid color. Others have stripes, dots or chevrons. You can even look at an area rug with a floral print or a bold picture. With so many patterns to choose from, which direction do you go? Is simple the best option? Or should you try to pick something with a bit more personality? Here is a helpful guide to determine the best rug pattern for your interior design.

1. Look at your current decor.

The decision between a busy pattern and a simple one should be influenced by your current interior design scheme. If your room has a lot of textures, colors and patterns already, then adding in a busy area rug may be too much. However, if you have solid colors or simple patterns on your furniture, curtains and accent pieces, then you can definitely get away with something bolder for your rugs. You should also consider the type of patterns in the room already and pick an area rug that matches.

2. Consider the location of the piece.

You will also want to look at the location of your rugs. Rugs under furniture may not need a big print since a lot of the surface will be covered. However, if you are going to put the rug in the middle of your living room, then something bold and busy might really be the focal point you need.


3. Reflect your personal taste.

The pattern of your area rug is a matter of personal preference. Some people like florals or rugs that tell a story. Other people have more modern design sense, and they prefer clean lines and geometric shapes. Fortunately, you can find an area rug with any of these patterns. Choose one that suits you.

4. Never be afraid to go big.

In too many cases, people pick simple rugs because they are scared of going too big. This can be a mistake. Your area rug is meant to draw attention. You do not want it to be an afterthought in the space. If you are in doubt, go ahead and let yourself get the dramatic, busy print. You may surprise yourself with how good it looks.

You can pick a busy rug or a simple one. In either case, you can find what you are looking for at the Medallion Rug Gallery. Visit the online showroom right now.

Shaped to Fit: A Guide to Rug Shapes

When shopping for a new floor covering, it is easy to get preoccupied with color and pattern. However, the shape of your floor covering is going to be just as important for your home decor.

1. Squares.

A square is the same size on all sides, which means it is a very neat and tidy shape for an area rug. Square rugs can be used for dramatic effect in your home decor. If your room is perfectly square, you can pick a square rug to mimic the size. You can also use a square to offset a portion of the room.

2. Rectangles.

Rectangular rugs are probably the most common iterations. A rectangular rug can be long and skinny or more blocky. Your choice will depend on your home decor needs. Something long and skinny is suited for a hallway or walkway. However, larger pieces with more surface area are going to be the most common options to fill out a room. You can use a rectangular area rug to define your living room or pad your bedroom. These rugs are easy to decorate with since they match the shape of most rooms.

3. Circles.

An area rug that is perfectly round is going to have more limited design options. A circular rug is going to be distinctive and dramatic. You could use a large circle in a living room. Other circular rugs might look good under a circular table or in the middle of an entryway.

4. Ovals.

An oval area rug tends to be longer and skinnier, and the rounded edges give such rugs a design flair. You could look at using ovals in walkways. They also work well along the edge of a bed, behind a couch or in a kitchen or bathroom. To make your oval rug really stand out, make sure you position it so that the edges are visible. If you do not allow the rounded edges to stand out, then the impact of your oval area rug will be lost in the overall home decor.

5. Other.

There are some less traditional shapes for an area rug. Things like stars, hearts or hexagons are not nearly as common, and they will be less versatile in your home decor. However, if you have a space that needs a dramatic rug as a statement, then these other shapes might be just the thing.

The Medallion Rug Gallery is proud to be your one-stop shopping destination for floor coverings. Find the right shape by shopping today.

Fall in Love with a New Area Rug

February is a month for love. With Valentine’s Day, this is the month for couples to pair up and make their feelings known. While some people declare their affection with flowers, chocolates or jewelry, this might be the perfect year to give the gift of interior design. You will make your partner fall in love all over again when you give them a brand new area rug. Here are four reasons why.

1. Rugs are distinctive. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a special holiday. However, far too many couples get stuck in a romantic rut on the big day. When shopping for a gift, it is too easy to rely on the same stock of standard gifts. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but they get a little redundant. Instead of going with the same old gifts this year, try something truly memorable with a new rug.

2. A rug is dramatic. If you want to wow your date, then rugs are sure to do the trick. Rugs can dramatically transform your interior design. In fact, if you pick the right one, it can actually become a focal point. Surely, with a gift like this, you will take your beloved’s breath away. Plus, it is something that your loved one is unlikely to expect.

3. An area rug requires thought. Anyone can go to the store and come back with a little stuffed animal and a card. However, your significant other does not want a token. It is your devotion that is craved. When you shop for an area rug, you have to put in a lot of time and thought. You have to think carefully about the space, the color scheme and the rest of the interior design. This kind of thought represents true love.

4. It is romantic and practical. Rugs can set the tone for your interior design, and they can be used immediately. Upon getting a new rug, it can be laid out immediately for the rest of your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Then, the rug can stay in place for the days to come. There are few things that serve as both a practical gift and a romantic token. Rugs get the job done.

Your loved one deserves the best of the best. Do not compromise on quality as you shop for Valentine’s Day, and make the Medallion Rug Gallery your destination.

The Medallion Rug Gallery has convenient online shopping options and an exquisite selection of handmade area rugs.

You will fall in love today!

Four Decor Resolutions for 2021

Oriental Rugs: It's Time to Discover Their Magical StoryFrom exercising more to minimizing screen time, resolutions are noble personal goals. In 2021, do not limit your resolutions to your person. Instead, remember that your interior design could use some work this year as well. Consider these four home decoration resolutions to update your home in 2021.

1. Add color.

Color is essential for your home decoration. If you live in a house with white or beige walls, then you are hampering your design. Your color scheme may be more buoyant, but it may not have been updated in years. Tired interior design deserves a renewed look. Color can be added with paint and new furniture. You can also invigorate the color scheme with accents like throw pillows, rugs and art.

2. Add texture.

Too many people stop at color. Interior design is a three-dimensional concept. It also has to feel good. Therefore, assess the texture of your pieces this year, and invest in new variations. Consider silky window coverings. Look for a shag area rug or a finely woven Persian rug. Texture can be added in furniture, accent blankets, pillows and more.


3. Mind the blank spaces.

While having some negative space is important to balance out your interior design, too much blank space can hinder your look. Therefore, this year, put new artwork on your blank walls. Adorn empty couches with new throw pillows. Line your hallway with a new rug. Anchor your living room with an area rug. Remember that floors count as surfaces in your home decoration as well.


4. Invest in lighting.

It can be hard to add new windows without a major overhaul, but there are other ways to infuse the space with light. Get different window coverings. Rearrange your room to take advantage of the natural light. If the light is still scarce, look at new fixtures. A lighter color on the wall can make a room feel airier. Light-colored rugs in key locations can brighten your interior design.

Many interior design resolutions can be fulfilled with a new area rug. The Medallion Rug Gallery has the best selection of rugs. Each one is crafted by hand for an exquisite, unique finish. Check out the options for yourself, and start 2021 off the right way.

Do Area Rugs Make Your Home Warmer? What You Should Know

Do Area Rugs Make Your Home Warmer? For most people, area rugs are interior design tools. An area rug can look attractive, adding color, texture and interest to your space. In other situations, people invest in a rug for practical reasons. Perhaps they need a floor covering to make a hard floor more comfortable. It is possible they want a rug to minimize damage in high traffic areas.

Did you know your rug may also help your room stay warmer? Here is what you need to know about the insulating features of rugs.

To really understand this concept, think about how insulation works. Insulation is added to your home to create extra layers. Your home will have an exterior wall and an interior wall. These walls provide some protection from the elements, but air still seeps through easily. Insulation layers are added between these walls to hinder the flow of air. This allows the air in your house to stay put, keeping warmth in place.

This concept applies to layers inside the home as well. There is a reason that an unfinished floor often feels colder than a finished one. This is because a finished floor has an additional layer. If you add an area rug on top of all that, then you have created another layer and will experience enhanced benefit.

Additionally, think about the nature of rugs. Rugs have fibers. This fabric will retain heat better than a hard surface. Therefore, when you go to sit or stand, there will be more warmth available. It just feels better when you wake up in the morning or sit down on a cold evening.

As you might expect, the effect of your rugs will also depend on their construction. Thicker rugs are going to provide a more dramatic impact on your interior warmth. You can also enhance the insulating effect for your area rug with a pad or backing. Such steps do not guarantee that your rugs will reduce your heating bill, but they can make a palpable change to your space.

If you are interested in a new rug to add warmth to your interior design, then the Medallion Rug Gallery is open now. This online showroom is your destination for beautiful handmade area rugs.