A New Year? A New Area Rug!

colorful area rug

The New Year is a time for celebration. It is also a time for looking ahead.

While most people make resolutions about their life, maybe you need a resolution for your interior design.

Your resolution this year can be about a new handmade area rug.

If you have never invested in a handmade area rug, then you do not know what you are missing. These are more than area rugs.

Each rug is a piece of art.

The fibers are woven by hand to create intricate patterns. On top of that, the texture is exquisitely inviting. The addition of rugs like this will not only make your room look nicer. They will dramatically overhaul your interior design.

However, if you already own a handmade area rug, your resolution can still stand. This is because a new rug is just the thing you need to revitalize your home. Rugs of this caliber are beautiful, but they still need to be rotated in order to keep things looking fresh. If you start to move your area rugs around, you will eventually need something new to anchor your main living spaces. This is why you need a new rug for the New Year.


Fortunately, whether this will be your first rug or one of many, there are plenty of options. When shopping for area rugs, start by considering the size. Think about whether you are looking for an accent piece or a full floor covering. Then, consider the rest of your interior design. Do you need something neutral? Or do you want something bold to stand out? You should think in terms of color and pattern.

Your new handmade area rug will be easy to find when you shop at the Medallion Rug Gallery. This online showroom features rugs that are crafted by hand for the utmost quality. Visit the Medallion Rug Gallery today to start your New Year off the right way.