A Few Tips To Keep Your Area Rug From Slipping

You have picked the perfect area rug. It has brilliant color and texture. It is just the right size, and it completely enhances your interior design. What could possibly go wrong? Area rugs are prone to slipping. Slipping is dangerous, and it can make your beautiful rug an eyesore. Here are a few ways to prevent slipping.

Try Using a Rug Pad

The most common way to keep your area rugs from slipping is a rug pad. Rug pads are made to provide traction between the bottom of your handmade area rug and the floor. In order to use a pad, measure your rug. You need to find a pad that is the same size. If necessary, you can buy a bigger pad and cut it down to size. Once the pad is sized properly, apply it to the bottom of the area rug according to the instructions. Then, the rug should stay put in your interior design.

Consider Rug Tape

Another way to secure your handmade area rug to your interior design is rug tape. These special tapes can be applied to the back of area rugs. To apply properly, lay out your rug in its desired location. Then, pull up half of it, and apply the tape according to the directions. Lay the rug back down carefully. Repeat this process on the other side.

Hot Glue or Caulking Could Work

Another option for securing area rugs is a do-it-yourself approach. Instead of investing in special products, try adding traction with hot glue or caulk. You can add your glue or caulk in lines on the back of your handmade area rug. Make sure you use caulk that will not rub off. Latex may not adhere very well, but other substances may have better staying power. No matter what you use, make sure it has dried completely before turning your area rug back over.

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