5 Reasons You Should Get an Area Rug This Winter

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Keeping your home inviting and cozy without cranking up the heat can be a challenge. With heating costs on the rise and outside temperatures dropping, an area rug is a great solution to make a room feel and look extra comfy. Medallion Rug Gallery offers a wide range of area rugs, from round to rectangular—in all sizes too. Here are some reasons area rugs are a wonderful addition, especially in winter.

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1. Area Rugs Add Warmth

Area rugs help insulate cold floors. The stitch count is important if you want more warmth. Higher stitch count or knot density results in better insulation. The added layer of insulation an area rug provides helps to trap cool air underneath.

2. Add Color and Style

During gray winter months, we tend to stay indoors more, with our windows shut, and after we put away our holiday decorations, the house can feel dark and dull. Adding an area rug with vibrant colors can cheer up any living space.

3. Protect Your Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful, no doubt, but they are also expensive to maintain and repair. By placing an area rug strategically where you have the most foot traffic, you protect your floor from scratches and other damage.

4. Help With Sound

Hardwood floors make a room sound hollow. An area rug absorbs some of the sound waves, which helps soften the acoustics in the room, creating a more cozy, intimate environment.

5. Dress Up Your Carpet

What is it with landlords and light neutral-color industrial carpeting? We typically associate rugs with being on top of wooden floors, but they work just as well over wall-to-wall carpet, especially if you want to cover up stained areas or just beautify your space. In a situation like this, a low-pile area rug works best.

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Originally posted in bliss.com by Damaris Palmer