3 Home Design Trends For 2019

Area Rugs: A Design Element for All Seasons

Is your interior design ready for 2019? If you want to keep your house on the edge of style, then you need to learn about the boldest interior design trends in 2019. These trends can help you update your home, redefine your space and brighten your mood. Check out the options to see which ones will work for your home.

1. Economy. You have probably heard that less can be more. 2019 is about getting rid of the clutter. This trend is not purely about minimalism. Instead, it is about economy. 2019 interior design trends reflect a desire to seek affordable, sustainable options. This may mean paring back on excess in your interior design and picking key pieces that truly matter to you. Instead of filling your room with too many throw pillows and vases, invest in a quality piece like an area rug instead.

2. Natural materials. Environmental causes are now a mainstream concern, which is why sustainable, natural materials have started to matter so much in home decor. This means looking at the fabrics in your furniture, throw pillows, curtains and more. Take special care when choosing your next rug. A handmade area rug made with natural fibers will definitely fit the bill in 2019. These rugs are not only more attractive, but they are also more comfortable and wear better.

3. Oversized art. Unexpected interior trends do pop up from time to time, and this preference for oversized art is one of them. More and more people are opting for large artwork on the walls. These pieces can stretch from floor to ceiling for a bold, dramatic look. In addition to oversized art on the walls, you can also consider oversized art on the floors with an area rug. Area rugs that fill the room are especially popular in 2019. To make the most of this trend, consider a handmade area rug with bright colors, large patterns and contrasting hues.

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