2019 Area Rugs and Carpet Trends

An area rug is timeless. However, even rugs have trends that capture the mood of the moment in interior design. If you are looking for the latest and best ideas for your area rugs in 2019, consider these fun and classy trends for your rug.

1. Entryways. A handmade area rug can look good in any part of your home. Even so, there are some rooms where it is more common to find a rug. If you want to think beyond bedrooms and living rooms, then consider this first 2019 trend and put a new rug in your entryway. Rugs in the entryway serve as an inviting presence into your home. Plus, this is a great location to set the tone for your whole house.

2. Custom sizes. Sometimes, you can use a handmade area rug as an accent. However, more people are opting for something that fills the space. This means looking very carefully at the size of the rug, matching the size of your room to the size of the rug. To really capture this trend, you may need to find a rug with a custom size to perfectly fit the space.

3. Short fibers. The type of fiber says a lot about your area rug. Longer fibers can be lush and soft. However, they are also harder to clean and collect more debris. Shorter fibers, by contrast, are cleaner and more efficient for daily living. This is why a handmade area rug with shorter fibers has been the go-to trend in recent years.

4. Multicolored. Some people want monotone colors on their area rug. However, the popular choice in 2019 is to go big with your colors. Multicolored rugs do not just feature a single hue. Instead, these rugs mix and match bold colors for a more dramatic look. This trend creates a strong look to really make your interior design stand out.

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